Marketing, Writing Courses, & Workshops for Authors:


Cheap & Free Marketing Methods for Authors
If you're sick of relying on ads to grow your readership and sell books, you're in the right place. Marketing on a Shoestring reveals the most current marketing trends that get big results for pennies (or free!)

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How to Write a Novel for Authors
(write your novel while you take the course!)
Learn how to write a novel with characters that jump off the page, create twisting plots, and discover how to write a bestselling novel us H.M. Ward's method.

During this course students will write a 50K word novel using the lessons in this course. Imagine having a complete novel in hand! 
How to Get Readers and Do Marketing for Writers & Authors
The best marketing tips that focus on an evergreen writing career. 

Discover marketing methods that you can use now with a focus on grassroots marketing. This course does not require piles of money to market your book to readers.

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Video Marketing for Authors: Creating Confident Videos for Social Media
The world is changing. You need to start marketing like it's 2022.
This is your chance to get ahead of the curve. Video is massively ignored by our industry, which means amazing results for those using it.

The way I approach video is authentic and fits into your daily life. It's easier than sending an email. This is your chance to up your marketing game without spending a fortune on ads, gear, or equipment. 

This is an ON DEMAND workshop, which means you can enroll & begin right now!
How to Make an Author Subscription Box for Readers
Learn everything you need to know about creating a lucrative subscription box for readers. Earn EXTRA money with no additional funding required upfront.

Increase natural word of mouth (the marketing gold standard) for more books sales and reader excitement.
How to Write a Book Description that Makes Readers 1-Click!
The number one reason why one book sells better than another is the book description. It's the difference between a reader rapidly 1-clicking with glee or leaving your sales page with remorse.

Bonus: If you are trying to get an agent, this course will help you write a query letter too awesome to ignore.
Do you want to make this year your most profitable yet? But you have no time for marketing, no idea what to do, or what works?

If you'd like to work smarter (not harder) you need to plan your annual calendar and select the best dates to release new titles and run paid promos on dates that are known to preform better.

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Writer's Retreats & Author Events
Attend a writer's retreat and spend time working on your latest novel while socializing with other writers.
Or attend an author workshop and learn in person from the best in the business about writing and sustaining an author career.

Limited availability at all events. They're small which allows for a nicer time for you to relax and learn more.  

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